Early Teaching Brothers

Early Teaching Brothers in New Zealand

From the 1926 Jubilee Magazine

In 1876, Brother John Dullea, the first Provincial, arranged for four Brothers to arrive in Wellington to begin their scholastic work. Their names were: Brothers Sigismund, Director, Edwin, Sub-Director, Francis and Valerian.

His Lordship being away on visitation, his administrator, the Rev Father Petitjean, and the Catholic citizens, gave the Brothers a very cordial reception. When Doctor Redwood returned from his visitation, his Lordship gave instructions that a Pontifical Mass should be celebrated. He himself officiated and preached to a crowded congregation. In an eloquent discourse, he stressed the need for Catholic Schools, taught by Catholic teachers. He said how glad and proud he was to see in their midst a band of Marist Brothers who had come at his invitation, to take charge of his schools. He thanked the first Superiors in France for their ready response to his appeal; he welcomed the Brothers who were now among them to begin the religious upbringing of the children, and safeguard them from the evils that menace them.

The Brothers started their work in a temporary tenement, pending the erection of a new up-to-date school in Boulcott Street. The building served the dual purpose of school and residence for many years, but has now ceased to be employed. Wellington, being the seat of the Government, and a busy shipping port, the population has increased and the city extended, facts which have rendered decentralisation necessary. So a school has been established at Thorndon, which is now in a flourishing state, under the direction of Brother Sigisfrid; and another at Newtown, to accommodate the eastern suburbs, with whose management at the time Brother Louis is entrusted.

From the Wellington school came a good cluster of Ecclesiastics, including the Rev Dr. Casey, SM, Dean Connelly, Rev Fathers McCarthy, SM, Superior of the Marist Missioners, McGrath SM, A. Cullen SM, Campbell SM, Burke SM, Outrim SM, Segrief SM, Buckley SM, Knight SM, Chapman SM, Kimbell SM, Rev Brothers Paulinus, Leo, Paschal, Frederick, Harold, Chanel and Edward.

Brother John Dullea, first Provincial

Brother Sigismund, first Wellington Director

The Very Rev Brother Diogene, Superior General in 1926

Boulcott Street School & Residence