District Logo


The New Logo for Champagnat Marists – District of the Pacific

• The cocooning raft shape symbolizes the unifying of those migrating from the old land to the new.
• Five aligned paddles are positioned ready to move forward in unison boldly and earnestly under the new Marist Sails. These five paddles also represent the Five Champagnat Marist Pillars.
• The wind cast sails form an M – signifying Marist living in the way of Mary, as Marcellin taught.
• The bird balanced in the changing wind symbolises the spirituality, the essence of Marist life, and faith in God’s uncharted waters. The deep blue hue of the logo reflects our oceanic waters and is a colour often associated with Mary.
• This all rides on the waves of ‘Champagnat Marist’ proudly and in harmony, moving towards new lands.