Make a Difference

You can help make a difference to the lives of young people in New Zealand and the Pacific.  

By supporting the work of the Marist Mission and the Marist Brothers through the Trust..

The Brothers started 14 primary schools and 12 secondary schools throughout New Zealand. The first school was established in Wellington in 1876.  this was followed by schools in many towns and cities.  They continue to be actively involved in the promotion of the Champagnat Marist charism in these schools.  Brothers also serve in alternative education ministry, hospital and prison chaplaincy.

In the Pacific Islands, the Brothers founded schools in Fiji (1888), Samoa (1871), American Samoa (1905), Tonga (1978) and Kiribati (1984), and continue to have a strong presence in many of these schools. Many of these schools need resources and assistance.

You can assist by supporting Marist-to-Marist initiatives. To find out more click here.