Marist Youth Mentoring

What actually is mentoring? This could be answered by saying what it is NOT – it is not about saving or rescuing young people, nor fixing their families, nor prescribing ways they should live or behave, nor counselling them. It is more about being there for them, listening to them, hearing their stories and being concerned for them.  To quote from the Guide to Effective Practice in Youth Mentoring on the role of mentors which also speaks of what mentoring is:-

Mentors are caring individuals who move alongside young people (in our case 11-16yr olds) to encourage them to reach their unique potential. These young people feel unconditionally cared for and valued in structured and trusting relationships, while their lives gain meaning and purpose.

Looking into the future, we want to engage Champagnat Marists, particularly young adults, in this work of being alongside young people to be that attentive, listening ear; to be a mentor.