February 2017

Intention from the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network

Comfort for the Afflicted - That all those who are afflicted, especially the poor, refugees, and marginalized, may find welcome and comfort in our communities.

The Reflections this month are taken from the provisional revision of the Constitutions.

1 February - Wednesday
Mass for deceased Brothers, parents, relatives, pupils, colleagues and benefactors.  

Readings:  Heb 12:4-7,11-15;  Mk 6:1-6

Intention 1:  For deceased Brothers, parents, relatives, pupils, colleagues and benefactors. 
Intention 2:  The Brothers’ Community at Nicholson Street, Melbourne.

Marist Anniversary:  1897—Champagnat Marist apostolate began at Invercargill, NZ.  1939—Champagnat Marist apostolate began at Palmerston North, NZ.

Reflection:  Before profession, the Novice will cede the administration of his goods to whomsoever he wills, and will freely dispose of their use and usufruct of the same.

2 February – Thursday | Presentation of the Lord 
Readings:  Mal 3:1-4;  Heb 2:14-18;  Lk 2:22-40

Intention 1:  That, like Marcellin, we model ourselves on Mary.  
Intention 2:  The Brothers’ Community and Marists at Red Bend College, Forbes.

Marist Anniversary:  1894—Champagnat Marist apostolate began at Whanganui, NZ.

Reflection:  Before perpetual profession, the Brother must make a will that is valid in civil law.

3 February – Friday | Ss Ansgar and Blaise 
Readings:  Heb 13:1-8;  Mk 6:14-29

Intention 1: For a spirit of humility.  
Intention 2:  The Brothers’ Community at Gladesville.

Marist Anniversary - 1874 Brother Marie-Nizier Delorme died in London. He was one of the first Marist Brothers chosen for the Oceania mission by Marcellin Champagnat and was the companion of St Peter Chanel SM on Futuna Island. 
Society of Mary Futuna.

Reflection - Everything that the Brother acquires by his work or by reason of belonging to the Institute, and what he receives from pensions, grants, in­surance, salary or social benefits belong to the Institute.

4 February – Saturday. World Cancer Day - Cancer Myths and Misconceptions
Readings:  Heb 13:15-17,20-21;  Mk 6:30-34

Intention 1:  That, like Marcellin, we experience being loved by Jesus. 
Intention 2:  Marists at Chanel College, Gladstone, Qld.

Reflection:  Whatever a Brother receives from royalties belongs to the Institute. The Norms of the Prov­ince, in conformity with the laws of the country, will regulate what concerns these royalties.

Year 1 week 55 February – Sunday | 5th Sunday in Ordinary Time 
Readings:  Is 58:7-10;  1 Cor 2:1-5;  Mt 5:13-16  
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Gospel Commentary

Office:  Week 1

Intention 1:  That we live our religious life with a sense of passion.  
Intention 2:  Champagnat Marists, school and community, at Sacred Heart College, Auckland.

Reflection:  After ten years of perpetual profession, a Brother may renounce his patrimony. To do this, he addresses his petition to Brother Provincial, who with his opinion and that of his Council, transmits all to the Brother Superior General with whom the final decision rests.


6 February – Monday 6 | St Paul Miki & companions | Waitangi Day (New Zealand)  
Readings:  Gen1:1-19;  Mk 6:53-56

Intention 1:  That we be open to young people, sharing their world.  
Intention 2:  The Brothers’ Community and Marists at St Francis Xavier College, Hamilton.

Anniversary - 1840 The Treaty of Waitangi was concluded between the Crown and a group of Maori chiefs in New Zealand. A brief introduction to the Treaty.



 Marist Anniversaries - 1876 The Holy See approved the Novitiate at Hunters Hill, Sydney. - 1922 Champagnat Marist apostolate began at Hamilton, New Zealand. - 1945 Champagnat Marist apostolate began at Masterton, New Zealand. - 1993 First final vows were taken by Indian Brothers.

Reflection - Brothers should not, unless authorized by the Brother Provincial, accept the administra­tion of goods belonging to other persons, be they individuals or juridical persons. They are not to act as surety, even concerning their own goods.

7 February - Tuesday 
Readings:  Gen 1:20-2:4a;  Mk 7:1-13

Intention 1:  That we continue to live Marcellin’s dream.  
Intention 2:  Champagnat Marists, school and community, at Marcellin College, Auckland.

Marist Anniversary:  1927—Champagnat Marist apostolate began at Gisborne, NZ.

Reflection:  The Brother refuses the offers made to him personally, such as trips, residence outside the community, valuable items; because even if they do not cost anything to the community, they may hurt poverty and common life.

8 February – Wednesday | St Jerome Emiliani & St Josephine Bakhita 
Readings:  Gen 2:4b-9,15-17;  Mk 7:14-23

Intention 1:  That we share Marcellin’s apostolic spirituality.  
Intention 2:  For young men in Oceania Region involved in initial formation.

Reflection:  The Provincial Chapter should draw up Norms related to the use of money, which for dif­ferent needs (studies, travel, holidays) is given to the Brothers. It will also draw up Norms related to the objects of personal use.

9 February – Thursday  
  Gen 2:18-25;  Mk 7:24-30

Intention 1:  That our Institute be one of passion and compassion.  
Intention 2:  Marists at Assumption College, Kilmore.

Reflection:  Taking into account the local situation, the Chapter can draw up Norms that it deems neces­sary or useful concerning the practice of poverty, taking into account the local situations. In this case, the Brother Provincial with his Council will consult the Brother Superior General.

10 February – Friday | St Scholastica  
Gen 3:1-8;  Mk 7:31-37

Intention 1:  For our senior Brothers.  
Intention 2:  Marists at Marist College, Kogarah.

Marist Anniversary:  1913—Marist apostolate began at St Ildephonsus College, New Norcia.

In Memoriam:   Joseph-Xavier Luzy—he was among the first group of brothers sent to the missions by Fr Champagnat; he worked for many years on Wallis Island, with Br Marie-Nizier and Fr Peter Chanel SM on nearby Futuna Island (Villa Maria, 1873).

Reflection:  We live personal and community poverty by adop-ting a simple and hard-working life-style. We reject consumerism and the waste of resources. We relish the small things of life. We are fully present before each person and each creature. We actively commit ourselves in the care of our common home.

11 February – Saturday |  Our Lady of Lourdes. In 1858 the Immaculate Virgin Mary appeared to St Bernadette Soubirous near Lourdes in France. World day of the Sick.  Readings:  Gen 3:9-24;  Mk 8:1-10

Intention 1:  World day of prayer for the sick.  
Intention 2:  Marists at the John Berne School, Lewisham.

Reflection:  The community periodically evaluates the use it makes of its resources and examines its life-style and its accommodation in order to see to what point it gives witness of a religious pov­erty. 

 A meditation for World day of the Sick.  

Year 1 week 612 February - Sunday | 6th Sunday in ordinary Time
Readings:  Sir 15:15-20;  1 Cor 2:6-10;  Mt 5:17-37  
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Gospel Commentary

Office:  Week 2

Intention 1:  That we continue to develop a thirst for Jesus, and to follow him in the way of Mary.  
Intention 2:  The Brothers’ Community at Lidcombe.

Reflection:  Faithful to our Marist tradition and in a spirit of poverty and of solidarity with the poor, we perform the little manual tasks that arise in our houses.

All That I Am by David Haas.

13 February – Monday  
Gen 4:1-15,25;  Mk 8:11-13

Intention 1:  That we follow Marcellin’s desire to proclaim God’s Good News to poor children and young people.  
Intention 2:  The Brothers’ Community and Marists at Trinity Catholic College, Lismore.

Marist Anniversary:  1888—Champagnat Marist apostolate began at Christchurch, New Zealand.

Reflection:  In our apostolic action we also manifest the sim-plicity and poverty proper of our Charism. We make good use of our talents, sharing who we are and what we have.

14 February – Tuesday | Ss. Cyril and MethodiusFind out about the Principles of Catholic Social Teaching.  
Readings:  Gen 6:5-8, 7:1-15;  Mk 8:14-21

Intention 1:  That, like Marcellin, we love the children and young people of our day.  
Intention 2:  Champagnat Marists at the Novitiate, Lomeri.

Reflection:  In what we buy, as in what we build, we are careful to preserve simplicity.

15 February - Wednesday  
Gen 8:6-13, 20-22;  Mk 8:22-26

Intention 1:  That we be people of both action and humility.  
Intention 2:  Champagnat Marists at “The Grove” community, Lower Hutt.

Marist Anniversary - Memorare in the snow  (1823). The early Brothers regarded the incident of the ‘Memorare in the Snow’ as miracle.  Marcellin (aged 36) and Br Stanislaus (aged 24) were returning from visiting a sick brother when they were caught in a severe snow storm.  As night set in, lost and disoriented and with Br Stanislaus in danger of dying from hypothermia, he and Marcellin prayed the Memorare, asking Mary’s intercession.  Before they had finished, they was the light of Mr Donnet’s lantern and were saved. Memorare.





Reflection - His recourse to the Memorare in the face of danger was not the final effort of a dying man. Marcellin was, by this time in his life, aware of God’s continual and powerful presence; Mary had also supported him often enough that he counted on her protection with the simplicity of an almost childlike faith. His faith in God’s saving presence was with him always and he trusted Mary without question. The Memorare in the Snow was simply an external manifestation of the man’s deep spiritual reality. (Revolution of the Heart, p.27)

16 February – Thursday. Explore the seven Themes of Catholic Social Teaching.  
Readings:  Gen 9:1-13;  Mk 8:27-33

Intention 1:  That we develop a plan of action to promote vocations.  
Intention 2:  The Brothers’ Community and Marists at St Joseph’s College, Mabiri.

Reflection:  Our solidarity with the poor commits us to be generous with them and, above all, to try to eliminate the causes of their suffering and to free ourselves from every prejudice and in­difference.

A prayer reflection on of Catholic Social Teaching
Catholic Social Teaching has its foundation in the life and words of Jesus Christ.  Jesus came ‘to bring glad tidings to the poor . . . liberty to captives . . . recovery of sight to the blind’ (LK 4:18-19).  He identified himself with the ‘least of these’, (MT 25:45).

17 February - Friday | Severn Servite Founders
Readings:  Gen 11:1-9;  Mk 8:34-9:1

Intention 1:  That we make vocation a top priority.  
Intention 2:  The Brothers’ Community at Macedon.

Reflection:  We give the poor preference wherever we find ourselves. We appreciate the places and hous­es where we can share their condition and we profit of the occasions which permit us to be in contact with the reality of their daily life. 

18 February – Saturday |  World Day of Social Justice.   
Catholic Social Teaching is built on a commitment to the poor and marginalised. It has developed over the past hundred and twenty years as the Church reflects on modern social issues.  The first social letter Rerum Novarum was written by Leo XIII in 1891.  He set out the guiding Christian values that should influence how societies operate.

Readings:  Heb 11:1-7;  Mk 9:2-13

Intention 1:  That we respond to others’ needs when we see them.  
Intention 2:  The Brothers’ Community at Madang, PNG.

Reflection:  We feel responsible for the goods that we use and which we should share with those in greater need. We avoid offending them be­cause of a more comfortable life than neces­sary.

Year 1 week 719 February – Sunday | 7th Sunday in Ordinary Time 
Readings:  Lev 19:1-2,17-18;  1 Cor 3:16-23;  Mt 5:38-48  
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Gospel Commentary

Office:  Week 3

Intention 1:  That we who share the Founder’s charism be eager to promote vocations to the brotherhood he established.  
Intention 2:  Marists at the St Peter’s Campus of All Saints College, Maitland.

Reflection:  Our mission as educators of young people com-mits us to work for the promotion of jus­tice and the care of the earth as our common home.

20 February – Monday | St Peter Damien  
Sir 1:1-10;  Mk 9:14-29  

Intention 1:  That we choose life.  
Intention 2:  The Champagnat Marist Community, Mangere Bridge.

Reflection:  At the beginning of his term of office, the Brother Provincial will draw up a plan to con­tinue and, if possible, increase what the Province is doing to help those in need. He makes known that plan to the Brother Superior Gen­eral. In the same way he also evaluates the Pro­vincial norms regarding the practice of poverty.

21 February – Tuesday 
Sir 2:1-11;  Mk 9:30-37

Intention 1:  That we invite young people to give themselves to something that demands passion and commitment.  
Intention 2:  Champagnat Marists at MAPAC, Manila.

Reflection:  In drawing up the annual Budget, the community, in keeping with the directives of the Brother Provincial foresees the amount destined to help the poor. It also looks for ways to increase that amount, by depriving itself of useful or even necessary things

22 February – Wednesday | Chair of St Peter, this feast day is a symbol of the unity of the Church founded by Jesus on St. Peter.  
Readings:  1 Pet 5:1-4;  Mt 16:13-19

Intention 1:  That we reflect on our charism and its uniqueness.  
Intention 2:  Marists engaged in Solidarity projects.

Reflection:  Jesus’s whole existence was to be in com­munion with the will of the Father, of whom He knew He was the Beloved Son. This will was His nourishment and support for the whole of His life and the fulfilment of His mission. “He was obedient until death on the cross”. As reli­gious Brothers we propose to make visible the obedient Jesus by seeking to carry out the will of God in everything we do.

23 February – Thursday | St Polycarp | Love your enemies: A reflection
Readings:  Sir 5:1-8;  Mt 16:13-19

Intention 1:  That we nurture our community life and prayer.  
Intention 2:  Marists at Marist Youth care.

Reflection:  The evangelical counsel of obedience, lived in the spirit of faith and love in the following of Christ, obliges us to obedience to the Superi­ors of the Congregation when they command something in conformity to the Constitutions.

24 February – Friday. The Fisherman and the Businessman: A short story about happiness.  
Readings:  Sir 6:5-17;  Mk 10:1-12

Intention 1:  That we be willing to talk about Jesus, and about prayer and faith.  
Intention 2:  Marists at the Province Centres of Ashgrove, Brunswick and Mascot.

Reflection:  A formal order invoking the vow [of obedience] can be given only by a major Superior and only in ex­ceptional cases.

25 February – Saturday. Story of the Three Frogs.  
Readings:  Sir 17:1-15;  Mk 10:13-16

Intention 1:  That we continue to share the charism of Marcellin as a gift given to the church and the world.  
Intention 2:  Marists at Mt Maria College, Mitchelton.

Reflection:  When dealing with a serious offence by a Brother, the Superior in exercising his pastoral care, has the duty of warning him in writing.

Year 1 week 826 February – Sunday | 8th Sunday in Ordinary Time  
Is 49:14-15;  1 Cor 4:1-5;  Mt 6:24-34  
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Gospel Commentary

Office:  Week 4

Intention 1:  For those Brothers living outside Marist communities.  
Intention 2:  The Brothers’ Community and Marists at the Hermitage, Mittagong.

Marist Anniversary:  1872 — Br Ludovic and his companions entered Sydney Harbour.  They would begin the first Marist school in Australia at St Patrick’s, Sydney.

Reflection:  On our journey of seeking and faithfulness to the will of God, we freely accept a series of mediations such as obedience to the Pope, to the hierarchy of the Church, to our Superiors and to our Constitutions and Chapters. We are all heirs of the Charism of the Founder and thus we exercise mediation in a reciprocal way, according to the gifts received and the function of each one.

27 February – Monday. Love your enemies: A song.  
Readings:  Sir 17:20-24;  Mt 10:17-27

Intention 1:  That we pray for those Brothers on renewal.  
Intention 2:  Champagnat Marists at Marist Brothers Primary School, Mulivai, Apia.

Reflection:  We are attentive to the voice of the Pas­tors of the Church and act in accordance with the Bishop in conformity with the universal Law, in the organization of apostolic works, according to the Charism and the proper right of the Insti­tute.

28 February - Tuesday  
  Sir 35:1-12;  Mk 10:28-31

Intention 1:  That we learn to forgive and accept forgiveness.  
Intention 2:  The Brothers’ Community and Marists at St Joseph’s Primary School, Murgon.

Reflection:  A Brother will not accept any work or po­sition outside the Institute unless authorized by the Brother Provincial.