November 2016

November is traditionally the month of the Holy Souls  
General Intention
- That we may be open to personal encounter and dialogue with all, even those whose convictions differ from our own.  
Evangelization - That pastors of the Church, with profound love for their flocks, may accompany them and enliven their hope.  

The Reflections for this month are drawn from the encyclical letter of Pope Francis - Laudato Si': On Care for Our Common Home.

1 November - Tuesday | All Saints  All Saints Day (featuring "Lifesong" by Casting Crowns).  
Readings at Mass - Apoc 7:2-4, 9-14; 1 Jn 3:1-3; Mt 5:1-12.  

Intention - That we be open to new ministries. - The Brothers’ Community and Marists at St Dominic’s Rural Training Centre and St Marcellin Primary School in Vanga Point in the Solomon Islands.

Marist Anniversary - 1971 Opening of the Novitiate at Lomeri, Fiji.

Reflection - The natural environment is a collective good, the patrimony of all humanity and the responsibility of everyone. If we make something our own, it is only to administer it for the good of all. If we do not, we burden our consciences with the weight of having denied the existence of others. (LS, 95)

All Saints Day acknowledges and honours all those countless people, mostly unknown except to family and friends, who have died and are now with God. We believe that those in heaven pray for us, look after us and continue to have an interest in us; they are our extended family.

2 November - Wednesday | All Souls  The History of All Saints and All Souls Days.  
Readings at Mass - From the Masses for the Dead - Lectionary, vol. 3, p. 849-890  
Intention - That we value one another for who we are rather than what we do. - Marists at the Mt Carmel Catholic College in Varroville, south west Sydney.

Reflection - On this All Souls Day, the Church remembers and prays for all those who have gone before us in death. Many of us think about our parents. We remember family members, friends, people we have worked with, people we have known over the years. We all remember those who were near and dear to us. The words of Jesus from the Gospel enter into our minds and hearts on this All Souls day: I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in me, even if he dies, will live.

3 November – Thursday | St Martin de Porres, d. 1639, Dominican Friar.  Discovering our saints.  
Readings at Mass - Phil 3:3-8; Lk 15:1-10.  
Intention - That we be willing to adapt. - Champagnat Marist vocation ministry in Samoa.

Marist Anniversary - 1916 Promulgation of the Province of New Zealand.

Reflection - That is why the New Zealand bishops asked what the commandment “Thou shall not kill” means when “twenty percent of the world’s population consumes resources at a rate that robs the poor nations and future generations of what they need to survive” (LS, 95)

4 November – Friday |  St Charles Borromeo, d. 1584, Bishop of Milan. Implemented the reforms of the Council of Trent.  Started the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine (CCD).
A Tiny Spark.
Anglican-Roman Catholic Reconciliation  

Readings at Mass - Phil 3:17 - 4:1; Lk 16:1-8.  Alt. Rom 12:3-13; Jn 10:11-16.  
Intention - That the witness of our lives will bring others to Christ.  - Marists at the Galen Catholic College in Wangaratta, northern Victoria.

Marist Anniversary - 1848 Brother Paschase Saint-Martin arrived in Fiji.

Reflection - Humanity has entered a new era in which our technical prowess has brought us to a crossroads. We are the beneficiaries of two centuries of enormous waves of change . . . It is right to rejoice in these advances and to be excited by the immense possibilities which they continue to open up before us, for “science and technology are wonderful products of a God-given human creativity”. (LS, 102)

5 November - Saturday | St Hilda of Whitby, d. 680, English Abbess.  Find out about St Hilda.  
Readings at Mass - Phil 4:10-19; Lk 16:9-15.  
Intention - For those who work for justice and peace. – Marists at the Marist- Sion College in Warragul, west Gippsland region of Victoria.

Reflection - The modification of nature for useful purposes has distinguished the human family from the beginning; technology itself “expresses the inner tension that impels man gradually to overcome material limitations” (LS, 102)

32 Year C6 November | 32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time  
Readings at Mass - 2 Macc 7:1-2, 9-14; 2 Thess 2:16 - 3:5; Lk 20:27-38  
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Office - Week 4.

Intention - That we share our values with others. - For all those working with and participating in the young Marist initiatives across the Region.

Reflection - Technology has remedied countless evils which used to harm and limit human beings. How can we not feel gratitude and appreciation for this progress, especially in the fields of medicine, engineering and communications? How could we not acknowledge the work of many scientists and engineers who have provided alternatives to make development sustainable? (LS, 102)

7 November - Monday  The Apostles' Creed.  
Readings at Mass - Titus 1:1-9; Lk 17:1-6.  
Intention - For young people who are in difficulty. - For all Marists working with Ad Gentes in the District of Asia.

Reflection - Technoscience, when well directed, can produce important means of improving the quality of human life . . . It can also produce art and enable men and women immersed in the material world to “leap” into the world of beauty . . .(LS, 103)

8 November - Tuesday  I am - Mark Schultz.  
Readings at Mass - Titus 2:1-8, 11-14; Lk 17:7-10.  

Intention - For all who promote racial harmony. - Marists at Marcellin Technical College in Adelaide.

Reflection - Yet it must also be recognized that nuclear energy, biotechnology, information technology, knowledge of our DNA, and many other abilities which we have acquired, have given us tremendous power. More precisely, they have given those with the knowledge, and especially the economic resources to use them, an impressive dominance over the whole of humanity and the entire world. (LS, 104)

9 November - Wednesday | Dedication of the Lateran Basilica  - Built by the Emperor Constantine about 324AD. Cathedral Church of Rome.  
Readings at Mass - Ezek 47:1-2, 8-9, 12; or 1 Cor 3:9-11, 16-17; Jn 2:13-22.  
Intention - For those who work in solidarity with us. - The Champagnat Marists, school and community at Sacred Heart College in Glen Innes, Auckland.

Reflection - Never has humanity had such power over itself, yet nothing ensures that it will be used wisely, particularly when we consider how it is currently being used. (LS, 104)

10 November - Thursday | St Leo the Great, d. 461, Pope and theologian.  Pope Saint Leo the Great  
Readings at Mass - Philemon 7-20; Lk 17:20-25. - Alt. Sirach 39:6-10; Mt 16:13-19.  
Intention - That a family spirit characterise our projects. - The Brothers' Community and Marists at Our Lady of the Sacred Heart College in Alice Springs, Central Australia.

Reflection - There is a tendency to believe that every increase in power means “an increase of ‘progress’ itself ” . . . as if reality, goodness and truth automatically flow from technological and economic power as such. (LS, 105)

11 November - Friday | St Martin of Tours, d. 397, a pagan soldier who became a Christian and founded a monastery in Liguge in France. Became bishop of Tours c.371. St Martin’s Day.
Remembrance Day 1918, this day is also kept as Remembrance or Armistice Day to mark the end of World War I.  

Readings at Mass - 2 Jn 4-9; Lk 17:26-37. - Alt. Is 61:1-3; Mt 25:31-40.  
Intention - For former students of our schools. - The Brothers’ Community and Marists at Marist College Ashgrove in Brisbane.

Reflection - The fact is that “contemporary man has not been trained to use power well”, because our immense technological development has not been accompanied by a development in human responsibility, values and conscience. Each age tends to have only a meagre awareness of its own limitations. (LS, 105)

12 November - Saturday | St Josaphat, d. 1623, Eastern Catholic bishop and martyr.  St Josaphat
Readings at Mass - 3 Jn 5-8; Lk 18:1-8. - Alt: Eph 4:1-7,11-13; Jn 17:20-26.  
Intention - For teachers in Catholic schools. - Marists at the Trinity Catholic College campuses at Auburn and Regents Park in Sydney.

Reflection - The basic problem goes even deeper: it is the way that humanity has taken up technology and its development according to an undifferentiated and one-dimensional paradigm. This paradigm exalts the concept of a subject who, using logical and rational procedures, progressively approaches and gains control over an external object. (LS, 106)  

33 Year C

13 November | 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time 

Readings at Mass - Mal 3:19-20; 2 Thess 3:7-12; Lk 21:5-19.  
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Office - Week 1.

Intention - That we always be Gospel witnesses. - Marists at the Burdekin Catholic High School and St Francis Primary School in Ayr, North Queensland.

Reflection - Human beings and material objects no longer extend a friendly hand to one another; the relationship has become confrontational. This has made it easy to accept the idea of infinite or unlimited growth, which proves so attractive to economists, financiers and experts in technology. (LS, 106)

14 November - Monday  
Let the children come to me
Readings at Mass - Apoc 1:1-4, 2:1-5; Lk 18:35-43.  
Intention - For the Brothers in the countries of the Pacific region. - The Champagnat Marist Community and novices at Lomeri.

Marist Anniversary - 1934 The Cause of Beatification of Br François was introduced in Rome.

Reflection - Human beings and material objects no longer extend a friendly hand to one another; the relationship has become confrontational. This has made it easy to accept the idea of infinite or unlimited growth, which proves so attractive to economists, financiers and experts in technology. (LS, 106)

15 November - Tuesday | St Albert the Great - d. 1280, Theologian, Dominican and teacher of great merit and repute (St Thomas Aquinas was one of his students).  Called the "Universal Teacher" for the wideness of his interests; patron saint of the natural sciences.  
Readings at Mass - Apoc 3:1-6, 14-22; Lk 19:1-10.

Intention - For Brothers who are missionaries. - Marists at Trinity College in Beenleigh, Queensland.

Marist Anniversaries - 1845 Françoise Perroton, a pioneer of the Marist Missionary Sisters (SMSM) left France to begin her missionary work on Wallis Island. - 1875 Death of Father Colin, Founder of the Society of Mary.

Reflection - It can be said that many problems of today’s world stem from the tendency, at times unconscious, to make the method and aims of science and technology an epistemological paradigm which shapes the lives of individuals and the workings of society. (LS, 107)

16 November - Wednesday | St Margaret of Scotland and St Gertrude 
St Margaret - d. 1093, married Malcom III she was an outstanding example of a mother and queen.  
St Gertrude - d. 1301, religious.

Set Me Free - Critical Mass  

Readings at Mass - Apoc 4:1-11; Lk 19:11-28.  
Intention - That we respect the cultures of young churches. - The Brothers’ Community and Marists at Bendigo in Victoria.

Reflection - We have to accept that technological products are not neutral, for they create a framework which ends up conditioning lifestyles and shaping social possibilities along the lines dictated by the interests of certain powerful groups. Decisions which may seem purely instrumental are in reality decisions about the kind of society we want to build. (LS, 107)

17 November - Thursday | St Elizabeth of Hungary d. 1231, Queen and Franciscan.  
Readings at Mass - Apoc 5:1-10; Lk 19:41-44. - Alt. 1 Jn 3:14-18; Lk 6:27-38.  
Intention - For indigenous Brothers in young churches. - The Champagnat Marist Community at Ngaruawahia in the Waikato region of New Zealand.

Reflection - The idea of promoting a different cultural paradigm and employing technology as a mere instrument is nowadays inconceivable. The technological paradigm has become so dominant that it would be difficult to do without its resources and even more difficult to utilize them without being dominated by their internal logic. (LS, 108)

18 November - Friday | Dedication of Basilicas of Sts Peter and Paul - These basilicas in Rome were dedicated in the 4th Century.  
Te Whiti o Rongomai, d. 1907, Prophet of non-violence, Parihaka.  Remember Parihaka  

Readings at Mass - Apoc 10:8-11; Lk 19:45-48. - Alt. Acts 28:11-16, 30-31; Mt 14:22-33.  
Intention - That we heed the calls from God in our lives. - The Brothers’ Community at Blacktown in outer western Sydney.

Reflection - It has become countercultural to choose a lifestyle whose goals are even partly independent of technology, of its costs and its power to globalize and make us all the same. Technology tends to absorb everything into its ironclad logic. (LS, 108)

19 November - Saturday.  World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims.
On My Way - Matt Maher  

Readings at Mass - Apoc 11:4-12; Lk 20:27-40.  
Intention - For young people discerning their vocation in life. - Marists at Marcellin College in Bulleen, Melbourne.

Reflection - The technocratic paradigm also tends to dominate economic and political life. The economy accepts every advance in technology with a view to profit, without concern for its potentially negative impact on human beings. (LS, 109)

20 November | Christ The King | Conclusion of the Jubilee of Mercy  
Readings at Mass - 2 Sam 5:1-3; Col 1:12-20; Lk 23:35-43. 

Office - Week 2   
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Intention - That we witness to the value of our vocation. - Marists at Bunbury Catholic College in Bunbury, Western Australia.

Reflection - The specialization which belongs to technology makes it difficult to see the larger picture. The fragmentation of knowledge proves helpful for concrete applications, and yet it often leads to a loss of appreciation for the whole, for the relationships between things, and for the broader horizon, which then becomes irrelevant. (LS, 110)

21 November - Monday | Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, we celebrate today Mary's dedication of herself to God, from her childhood, through the power of the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. The Presentation  

Readings at Mass - Apoc 14:1-5; Lk 21:1-4. -Alt. Zech 2:14-17; Mt 12:46-50.  
Intention - For young men who are thinking of becoming Brothers. - The Brothers’ Community and Marists at St Augustine’s College in Cairns, far north Queensland.

Reflection - Yet we can once more broaden our vision. We have the freedom needed to limit and direct technology; we can put it at the service of another type of progress, one which is healthier, more human, more social, more integral. (LS, 112)

Tradition holds that Mary's parents, Joachim and Anne, were childless and received a heavenly message that they would have a child. In thanksgiving for the birth of their child, they brought Mary to the Temple in Jerusalem to present or consecrate her to God.

22 November - Tuesday | St Cecilia - 3rd Century Roman martyr, patron saint of music.  
Readings at Mass - Apoc 14:14-19; Lk 21:5-11. Alt. Hosea 2:16-17, 21-22; Mt 25:1-13.

Intention - That young men will enter our formation program. - The Brothers’ Community and the co-workers at the La Valla School, Yodifee and Villa Maria in Cambodia.

Reflection - There is a growing awareness that scientific and technological progress cannot be equated with the progress of humanity and history, a growing sense that the way to a better future lies elsewhere. (LS, 113)

23 November - Wednesday | St Clement I and St Columbanus  
St Clement I - Third Pope after St Peter, martyr.  
St Columbanus - d.615, Irish abbot who founded several monasteries in France and Italy.

Readings at Mass - Apoc 15:1-4; Lk 21:12-19.  
Intention - For those Brothers responsible for the formation program. - The Brothers’ Community and Marists at St Gregory’s College in Campbelltown, south western Sydney.

Reflection - We need to develop a new synthesis capable of overcoming the false arguments of recent centuries. Christianity, in fidelity to its own identity and the rich deposit of truth which it has received from Jesus Christ, continues to reflect on these issues in fruitful dialogue with changing historical situations. In doing so, it reveals its eternal newness. (LS, 123)

24 November - Thursday | St Andrew Dung-Lac and companions, a priest who, with 117 fellow-Vietnamese Christians (clergy, religious and lay), was martyred between 1820 and 1840 in the reign of Emperor Minh-Mang.  St Andrew Dung-Lac  

Readings at Mass - Apoc 18:1-2, 21-23, 19:1-3,9; Lk 21:20-28. - Alt. Common of Martyrs.  
Intention - For the young men in formation. - The Marists at Marist College Pearce in Canberra, Australia.

Reflection - Any approach to an integral ecology, which by definition does not exclude human beings, needs to take account of the value of labour, as Saint John Paul II wisely noted in his Encyclical Laborem Exercens. (LS, 124)

25 November - Friday | St Catherine of Alexandria.
International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. 'A promise is a promise'

Readings at Mass - Apoc 20:1-4,11 - 21:2; Lk 21:29-33.  
Intention - For young men beginning their formation. - Marists at St Mary’s Catholic College in Casino, northern New South Wales.

Reflection - If we reflect on the proper relationship between human beings and the world around us, we see the need for a correct understanding of work; if we talk about the relationship between human beings and things, the question arises as to the meaning and purpose of all human activity. (LS, 125)

26 November - Saturday
The Bible in 50 Words

Readings at Mass - Apoc 22:1-7; Lk 21:34-36.  
Intention - For the Brothers responsible for initial formation. - The Champagnat Marist Community at Burnside in Christchurch.

Reflection - Since everything is closely interrelated, and today’s problems call for a vision capable of taking into account every aspect of the global crisis, I suggest that we now consider some elements of an integral ecology, one which clearly respects its human and social dimensions. (LS, 93)

Season of Advent

New liturgical year begins: Sunday Cycle A, Weekday Cycle 1

Champagnat Marist Advent Prayer Resource 

27 November | 1st Sunday of Advent  
Readings at Mass - Is 2:1-5; Rom 13:11-14; Mt 24:37-44.  
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Office - Week 1.  
Intention - That we be open to ongoing formation. - The Brothers’ Community and Marists at Newman College in Churchlands, Perth, Western Australia.

Reflection - An integral ecology is inseparable from the notion of the common good, a central and unifying principle of social ethics. The common good is “the sum of those conditions of social life which allow social groups and their individual members relatively thorough and ready access to their own fulfilment” (LS, 156)

Advent means ‘coming’.  We await Christ’s coming in three ways: 
1) the birth of Jesus at Bethlehem,  
2) rebirth of Christ’s presence in our hearts, 
3) Christ’s promised return at the Second Coming.

Advent Wreath marks our journey through Advent as we wait in hope for the coming of Jesus. The candles represent Jesus as the ‘Light of the world’ John 8:12.
The evergreen leaves represent life. The circle represent the eternity of God’s love. The 4 candles represent the 4 weeks. Purple for weeks 1, 2 and 4; Rose for week 3. Light the Advent candles at each evening meal.

28 November - Monday  The Meaning of Advent
Readings at Mass
- Is 4:2-6; Mt 8:5-11.  
Intention - That we take responsibility for our ongoing formation. For all Marists engaged in young Remar programs.

Reflection - Mary, the Mother who cared for Jesus, now cares with maternal affection and pain for this wounded world. Just as her pierced heart mourned the death of Jesus, so now she grieves for the sufferings of the crucified poor and for the creatures of this world laid waste by human power. (LS, 241)

29 November - Tuesday  What is Advent?
Dorothy Day - d. 1980, Co-founder with Peter Maurin of the Catholic Worker Movement.  
Find out about the Catholic Worker Movement   Creative Quotations from Dorothy Day

Readings at Mass - Is 11:1-10; Lk 10:21-24.  
Intention - That we learn from our failures. - The Brothers’ Community and Marists at St Michael’s Primary School in Daceyville, Sydney.

Reflection - She treasures the entire life of Jesus in her heart (cf. Lk 2:19,51) and now understands the meaning of all things. Hence, we can ask her to enable us to look at this world with eyes of wisdom. (LS, 241)   

30 November - Wednesday | St Andrew - Apostle; a Galilean fisherman, a follower of John the Baptist and later the first to be called by Jesus; brother of Simon (Peter). Patron Saint of Scotland.

Readings at Mass - Rom 10:9-18; Mat 4:18-22.  
Intention - For those who were Brothers for a time. - The Brothers’ Community at Drummoyne in Sydney.

Marist Anniversary - 1871 Departure of the first Brothers for Australia.

Reflection - At her side in the Holy Family of Nazareth, stands the figure of Saint Joseph . . . He too can teach us how to show care; he can inspire us to work with generosity and tenderness in protecting this world which God has entrusted to us. (LS, 242)