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Module 1B - The Marist Story


In this module we will reflect upon the Mission of God, the good news of Jesus and connect it to the Marist Story as a contemporary expression of the good news in the world today. We will reflect on this story as a gift of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost to the Catholic Church.

It is a gift given to you today in your roles as members of Marist Boards to ensure that future generations of youth come to know the story of Saint Marcellin Champagnat and the Marist Brothers.

There is more to simply knowing the story. The exciting part of being a Marist is how the story captures you and draws you into the life of Saint Marcellin. It is a story that calls you ‘as Marist’ to see the need for change in the world and to act upon it.

Marcellin unleashed the ‘fire’ of his faith on his teaching brothers that gathered in the tiny house in LaValla, and inspired them to go out and proclaim the good news in the hamlets and hillsides of rural France to the young who did not know God.

The love of Jesus and Mary that first inspired Marcellin, continues to inspire Marists today as we work together for a better, more just world for all, gathered around the same table of the Lord.

La Neyliere

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A Gift of the Spirit

The beautiful biblical image in the Acts of the Apostles of Mary with the disciples in the Upper Room in Jerusalem is central to understanding the origins of the Marist Story. The ‘fire’ of the Spirit that filled them at Pentecost was the breath of Jesus, alive in God, now living in their hearts. This was the same Spirit that was breathed into the first Marists at Fourvière 1800 years later.

Jesus breathed new life into each of them, including Mary, and this new life would slowly begin to take shape as the Church was proclaimed to all nations and peoples.  Let us recall that moment in the Upper Room and imagine ourselves amongst Mary and the first disciples at Pentecost as we read: