January/February 2019



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The Reflections for 2019 are based on the Calls of the XXII General Chapter.  The message of the Chapter invites all Champagnat Marists to a new beginning as a global family.  Visit the website - http://lavalla200.champagnat.org/en/


The General Chapter called for A New La Valla For A New Beginning.  Just as Fr Champagnat gathered the first community at La Valla on 2 January 1817 we are also called to a new beginning.  Marcellin was moved by the needs of his time and saw the possibilities around him.  He listened attentively to the Spirit, to discover what God was asking of him at the point in time.


In a similar way the General Chapter tried to answer two questions:

  1. Who is God asking us to be in this emerging world?
  2. What is God asking us to do in this emerging world?


These two questions are not only addressed to the participants at the Chapter.  They are addressed to all Champagnat Marists.  The answers to these two questions have been collated and in summary form are presented as the Five Calls of the Chapter Message.


The Calls of the General Chapter are:

  • As a global charismatic family, a beacon of hope in this turbulent world
  • To be the face and hands of your tender mercy
  • Inspire our creativity to be bridge-builders
  • To journey with children and young people living on the margins of life
  • To respond boldly to emerging needs