Marist Alternative Education

The Marist order operates a ‘Marist Learning Centre’ in Glenfield, Auckland for young men and women who have not managed to fit into the mainstream educational system for whatever reason.   Many of the students come to the centre with very real problems or special needs which the centre attempts to help with while also giving a fresh perspective on school and learning.

The centre approaches from a desire to work with their students to help build self-esteem and through this give them a sense of their own self worth and the worth of others.  The staff set out to guide the students through challenges and tasks with encouragement and affirmation this helps to build the students self-esteem and self worth teaching them new skills and abilities in a supportive environment.

It is through this process and instilling a sense of discipline for their own actions that helps the students break out of the negative behaviour patterns and helps achieve a fuller more satisfying outlook on life.

The Principal is Cherie Jaeger 

Telephone: (09) 4413590