Call to Prayer


V. O Lord, open our lips.
R. and we shall praise your name.
Glory be to the Father...

V. Give praise to God who is, who was, and who shall be.
R. and we shall praise your name.
Glory be to the Father...

V. O God, come to our aid.
R. O Lord, make haste to help us.
Glory be to the Father...

V. O God, you are our help and our shield.
R. Be our strength and protection.
Glory be to the Father...

V. Loving God, nearer than our heartbeat, closer than our next breath, you know the depth of our need for you.
R. Bring us into your presence, so we may know the depth of your love or us and for all the world, you, our Creator and Source of our being.  Amen.

V. Gracious God, we savour your nurturing presence within and among us.
R. Fill our every hunger and need. Give us the grace to focus always on your Word alive in our Tradition and in the heart of our experience, you, our life and our love. Amen.

V. Now once Jesus was in a certain place praying, and when he had finished, one of the disciples said, ‘Teach us to pray just as John taught his disciples’. (LK. 11:1)
R. Jesus, the Risen Christ among us we, too, are your disciples.  Deep within our hearts is the desire to have you at the centre of our lives this day. Amen.

V. Teach us to pray, teach us to love, teach us to live. 
R. This we ask of you, our brother and Lord.  Amen.         

V. Generous and loving God, through all that is created we see your loving presence.
R. Your love, ever faithful restores and strengthens us.  Encourage us and stir our hearts to respond in love, choosing life, and proclaiming your love in Jesus’ name, in Christ, our brother and Lord.  Amen.

Prayer moments to begin the day

O Lord,
open our eyes to your presence,
open our lips to you praise,
open our lives to your healing,
open our minds to your grace,
open our hearts to your love,
and be found among us.

Ever-guiding Presence,
you call us by name
and your nurturing patience gently nudges us.
Light our thoughts so that we may
follow your will everyday.

Loving God,
Father, Son and Spirit,
thank you for the gift of life itself,
for the gift of this new day,
for the gift of other in my life.

Creator God,
we gather at the start of another day.
we praise and thank you for the gift of creation, the gift of life.

I give this day to you,
may my mind stay centered
on the things of the Spirit.
May I not be tempted
to stray from your love. 

We thank you Father
for this new day.
open our minds and hearts
to the gifts and blessings
you offer us today.

As this day begins,
we open ourselves to welcome you O Lord.
May we see your love in all people
we encounter this day.

God of challenge and change,
may we be aware of your guiding presence with us thought this day.

Open us to your love
Gracious God,
as we begin this new day.    

Lord, as we begin this day,
direct our footsteps
and show us your holy will.

May the peace of Christ
make a home in our hearts today.
Be with us in all that happens.        

Lord be our companion
though out this new day.
May your will be done in us.

Prayer moments to end the day

Father, Son and Spirit,
thank you for the gift of life,
for the gift of your presence
in the people and events of this day.

Thank you, Loving God,
for the goodness that surrounds
us this evening.

O Lord, we thank you for your
loving presence this day,
and for the guidance of the Holy Spirit
in our lives this day.

Thank you Lord for your presence
in our lives today and for
the times when we were aware
of your guiding Spirit.

As this day draws to an end,
we acknowledge your presence
among and with us in the
people and events of the day.

Loving God, we thank you for the many
signs of your presence during this day.

Lord we thank you for the gift of this day
and for walking in your presence.
Remind us of your hidden presence
in our lives.

Your love, ever faithful God,
restores and strengthens us.
Encourage us to respond in love
to your calls in our lives.

Glory be to the Father Almighty,
the Son, Jesus Christ the Lord,
the Spirit who dwells in our hearts,
both now, and forever.  Amen.

Generous and loving God,
may we see you loving presence,
through all that is created.

Loving God, as we reflect on the people
and events of our day,
we thank you for the opportunities
to grow in your love.

We thank you loving God
for your presence with us today.
we thank you for the gift of this day,
and for all the blessings it has brought.